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  • Major Taylor

Review: "Electric Heaven" - ALEJ

ALEJ Electric Heaven Cover Art

ALEJ’s latest release “Electric Heaven” is a chill piano summer pop/house song that smoothly transports listeners into a world of euphoria and escapism. The song explores the emotional journey of someone seeking a fun escape amidst the pain of a breakup. ALEJ paints a vivid picture of struggling with a broken heart, turning to drinking and smoking as temporary relief. “Electric Heaven” touches on themes of desperation and finding brief moments of happiness. ALEJ captures the power dynamic of the fallen relationship, portraying himself as helpless while his former partner holds control. This dilemma sets the tone for ALEJ to consider returning to his ex for one night, finding satisfaction in the fading joy of “Electric Heaven.” If you have experienced a recent breakup and are craving a night of fun and distraction, this song will resonate deeply and become your summer anthem.

Musically, “'Electric Heaven” is a dynamic blend of pop and house genres. The dreamy piano chord progressions evoke a sound reminiscent of Calvin Harris' production on his 2012 album “18 Months”, making it an ideal soundtrack for summer night drives. Solid drum patterns provide a strong, consistent foundation, enhancing the seamless transitions from verses to chorus that elevate the listening experience. The production complements ALEJ's vocals superbly, allowing his atmospheric voice to shine throughout the song. ALEJ demonstrates his skill in merging introspective lyrics with catchy melodies. Despite its straightforward structure, the song's high-quality production and ALEJ's luminous vocals create an irresistible attraction perfect for those craving a memorable summer night out.

ALEJ is an American pop artist that hails from Miami, Florida. He discovered his passion for music at an early age which has since been nurtured by strong family support. Introduced to music production through GarageBand by his sister, ALEJ began recording and uploading songs on Soundcloud, marking the start of his musical journey. His debut single, "Too Famous for Me," released in November 2020, highlighted his musical talent and quickly garnered attention from radio stations and blogs in the U.S. and Europe, accumulating thousands of streams. Collaborating frequently with London producer Andrei Sora, ALEJ has since released notable singles like "Phantom" and "Aries Seasons." These tracks, alongside others, culminated in his five-track EP, "Aries Season," in 2021, followed by his expansive ten-track album, "Luxe," in 2022. ALEJ's consistent output and musical evolution features his potential as a promising pop artist. Make sure to follow him on all socials to stay up to date with his musical journey.

Written By Major Taylor


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