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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Emulsify" - Saige

Saige’s, Emulsify, is a pop song that adorably reflects on feeling comfortable and having such a strong bond with your other half in a relationship that you sometimes just want to combine and become one. Emulsify is a word used to describe two different liquids being mixed together, but not fully combining. There are separate particles still visible, making it known that they are not one liquid, but two of their own. They just happen to be sharing each other's company at the moment. This is where Saige got the idea for the name of this song, and she shares that a moment with her person was the inspiration behind the song title. She states that when she got into a relationship, it felt very calm and slow. They moved in together and she went from disliking the feeling of being a homebody, to always wanting to stay in because she enjoyed her person's company so much. She describes the cute moment saying, “If you look very closely, some particles of them both remain separate - much like people in relationships. I like that idea. We'd joke about us melting onto the couch together.” These two were stuck to each other like glue and loved each other's presence and company so much that they sometimes felt like wanting to melt into each other. Because they are both their own individuals, it just wasn't realistic. It is super cute to joke around about though.

The song immediately starts off sounding dreamy and angelic. She goes on about forgetting everything and everyone around them, and only wanting to “stare in space”, “quit the race” and emulsify with her other half. You can hear the drums and guitar in the instrumental, along with it giving off a vibe of being on cloud 9. The instrumental sounds as if it’s just these two love birds on Earth alone, not having to worry about anything or anyone around them. They’re the only people around each other and that’s all they need. It's a world that they don’t wanna leave. This song is incredibly dreamy and her beautiful vocals that you can catch in the instrumental are so warm. It then starts to get quieter and close out towards the end of the song.

Saige is an alternative-pop artist from Dublin, Ireland. Emulsify was released a little over a week ago on January 27th. This single is going to be on her upcoming EP titled, “Sparks.” Although she hasn’t released many songs yet, Emulsify clearly showcases that Saige is a force. Her heartfelt, nostalgic and dreamy vibes, along with her angelic voice and intimate lyrics show that her upcoming EP is one to definitely look forward to and be excited about. Check out Saige’s new single, Emulsify, now, and make sure to keep an eye out for the "Sparks" EP!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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