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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "eternal sunshine" - your favorite plant

There's an ease in our childhoods--when we're affronted with movies and media, seeing the beautiful things that are possible and not having to worry about the responsibilities that life throws at us as we grow up. Life isn't taken seriously in childhood--it's not supposed to be. We sometimes go back to those moments in adulthood when we finally get a little break. We like to live with our heads in the clouds and stars in our eyes. In those effortless moments, we feel free, like the wind is sweeping us off our feet without the worries on our shoulders. With "eternal sunshine" by your favorite plant, we can see how she details these joyous moments of peace and turns them into a pop melody that we can't help but get stuck inside our heads.

If you're looking for a pop song with that 00's nostalgia, you've come to the right place. "eternal sunshine" by your favorite plant gives exactly that vibe with this warm and welcoming melody and lighthearted lyrics. She sings the words, "I still want you" repeatedly, leaving this intensity between the meaning, making us crave the times when life was a little more fun. The track starts with this guitar riff that surprises you, followed by her lovely voice that gently glides through your ears letting you fall deeper into the melody. The song pairs her vocals with this floaty feeling and leaves listeners swaying from side to side as they hear it. It's the perfect combination of comfort and nostalgia, all wrapped up in a sweet pop package-- what more could you want?

your favorite plant, otherwise known as Nashville-based Rachel Swanson, is a singer/songwriter who explores the ideas of anxiety, nostalgia, and loneliness with her gentle vocals and pop melodies with a garage rock influence. She aims to remove the shame that lives around us, taking secrets out of the shadows with a vulnerable message and finding people to share these experiences with. She's self-made, making her melodies, lyrics, and even graphics for her releases. She has a special small-town vibe (probably because of her small-town hometown background) and shows her place as a comfort artist with this newest track, "eternal sunshine". I highly recommend checking her content on TikTok and her music on Spotify because I think you'll find her pretty neat.

Written by Jane Katryn



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