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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Even If It Kills Me” - LVRBOY

We all have a dream. We all have a major goal that we want to accomplish at some point in our lives. But the journey to achieve that dream usually is a tough road to travel. “Even If It Kills Me” is the latest song by singer and songwriter, LVRBOY. It goes into the emotions that many of us experience as we work hard to make our dreams a reality. This song is raw, real, and so incredibly catchy. The message is one that I for one can strongly relate to, as I have some big dreams that right now, seem like they will never happen. The lyrics spoke true to me, and I think it’s what made me enjoy this song even more. “Even if I burnout / And it doesn’t work out / Never get the streams or the sales or the crowd to turnout.” As someone who wants to pursue a career in writing and entertainment marketing, I experience creative burnout on a regular basis. So, I could really resonate with these lyrics.

Despite the raw message behind the song, it was actually very catchy! First, I want to talk about the instrumentals, the pacing, the beat, everything. It starts off with an almost robotic and electric type of sound, but it soon evolves into something much more intense! It’s simple, and the two major sounds that I picked up on were the drums and I believe a synth or some kind of electric piano! The vocals are on point as well! LVRBOY has a very breathy and hushed voice as he sings the lyrics, but as he gets to the chorus, he lets loose an intense energy that got me excited to hear more! He has a sound very reminiscent of artists like Ed Sheeran, and I think it fits the vibe of the song well.

As he likes to refer to himself, LVRBOY is a “lover, not a fighter.” Based in Nashville, Tennessee, LVRBOY began to break into the pop scene in 2019 with his song “Now That I’m Leaving.” Prior to releasing music under the name LVRBOY, he was releasing music as a country artist. Now, he writes pop songs with a deeper meaning. With lyrics that resonate with so many, LVRBOY has created shockwaves in so many. All of his songs hit hard, get me in the feels, and have me wanting more. I can’t wait to hear what he releases next.

Written By Isabel Mays



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