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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "everything" - myah

One of the toughest things about grieving a relationship is the realization that this person you wanted the world with is just not meant for you. For whatever reason you have decided to part ways, it wasn’t in fate’s cards. Sometimes this understanding comes after you have already tried to put your pieces together, just to find that there are gaps where you don’t line up. myah’s newest release “everything” puts this very feeling into heartbreaking lyrics and instrumentals. She sings about thinking her partner was supposed to be her whole world (her everything, hence the title), but that just was not the case. The song itself is simplistic, allowing her emotive voice to be the main focus on this track.

Her lyrics are set up in a conversational tone, addressing the first verse to her past lover by starting with “Hey, you’re on my mind”. This allows the listener to feel even more connected to her and her pain, living the experience with her. Her frustration at this event is evident in her chorus, with the second time it comes around being filled with swelling harmonies and pulsing drum beats. She sings, “Damn, I’m surprised / I thought you were my everything / & I can't read your mind / I thought you were my everything / Yeah damn it’s a lie”, the beginning of each line being punctuated by her vocals. She closes out the song with a stripped down version of the bridge, truly driving home her pain and her point of view. She sings, “I found it all in the familiarity / Took you aside you know I needed clarity / Fall behind its there, right in front of me / I miss your laugh this silly serendipity”. Heartbreaking, in my opinion.

myah was born and raised in southern Florida, and has reached over 1,000 monthly Spotify streamers. She has two other tracks on Spotify, her original single ‘hide’ (click here for Pop Passion’s review of that track!), and a cover of Louis The Child’s song “Better Not” ft. Wafia. In this cover, she turns an upbeat and electronic song into an indie-pop ode, showing her style of music and writing. Her vibes are similar to that of Olivia Rodrigo’s ballads and Gracie Abrams’s album “Good Riddance”; touching lyrics and a simplistic soundscape. Make sure to follow the social media’s below to stay tuned for more music from myah!

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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