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  • George McSherry

Review: "EW2GO" - AZSH

Do you remember the pulsing nightlife of the 90s? I mean I don't. I was 3 when Y2K rolled through. But from my incessant consumption of media, I just know this song would have aggressively warped the minds of dehydrated, neon polo-clad clubgoers in the best way possible. They would have all had a collective aneurysm and then said thank you to the crown creator, AZSH. The fresh, upbeat track, EW2GO (Everybody Wants To Go Outside) is designed with a single purpose: to instill in you the incredible amount of energy that went into its production.

The message is repeated well beyond the point that you will have comprehended it; but the repetition ad nauseam is more than justifiable, as we have all endured the monotonous cage of Covid regulations that have kept us confined to the predictability of life behind closed doors. Layered, warped vocals pull throbbing electronic production together, featuring booming drum loops and synthesizers that bolster the infectious rhythm that will quickly clear your neck of any kinks. The dance-hall energy comes in part thanks to AZSH's collaborator, OIAM (One In A Million).

AZSH is a Miami-based artist who often blends her foundations in pop/soul with electronic production to produce some unique and vibrant tracks. These collaborations and remixes saw her tracks added to DJ playlists with serious international reach, bolstering her growing fandom, She has been in the industry since her early recording work in 2007 and continues to record in Miami Beach, where she has resided since 2012. Stay tuned for her upcoming EP featuring production from Grammy-nominated Luis Salazar.

Written By George McSherry



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