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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Fascinated (feat. Arno Carstens)" - Kilian Wes

Photo Credit: Camilla Vodka

"Fascinated", from the studio of Kilian Wes draws on the illustrious nostalgia of the '80s dance scene and propels it into a realm where futuristic sonics reign supreme, a magnetic single that stretches across the vibrant spectrum of synth-pop innovation. A monumental collaboration with the South African luminary Arno Carstens, Wes’s production prowess with Carstens’ seasoned artistry forges a piece that feels both groundbreaking and deeply evocative of a golden era in music. Wes and Carstens’ excitement about their collaboration is well-founded as they meld their individual influences into a seamless entity that captivates audiences and critics alike.

Production-wise, there's an undeniable mastery in "Fascinated," a synergy of electronic beats, harmonic layers, and edgy, textured synths—all carefully curated to evoke an experience of longing through the retro-futuristic blend. Carstens' contribution to "Fascinated" extends far beyond his iconic vocal presence; his thematic vision of the song as "a scholarly investigation of desire and the discovery of beauty in unexpected places" casts an intellectual and introspective sheen over the track. The lyricism intertwines seamlessly with Kilian's sonic landscape—fluid, innovative synths partner with rhythmic pulses reminiscent of '80s pop while still marking out territory in fresh, unexplored auditory spheres. Arno's gritty yet melodic voice serves as the perfect vessel for traversing this rich tapestry, bringing depth and earnestness to the single's enrapturing narrative.

Kilian Wes, hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, was initially known as a session musician, touring and recording with some of the country’s biggest acts. Along the way, his artistic journey has evolved, leading him back to his roots as a producer, songwriter, and more recently, an actor. Inspired by artists like Metro Boomin and Julia Michaels, who transitioned from working behind the scenes to releasing their own projects, Killian began releasing music initially under the name Kilo Kami. In 2022 and 2023, grappling with personal losses and creative challenges, Killian redirected his focus to only producing for others, touring, and acting. This period of introspection enhanced his artistic perspective, allowing Kilian to reemerge with renewed creative energy. With Kilian’s upcoming single, "Don't You," featuring Moyoza and Gabriela Diamond coming to you soon, there is a sense that "Fascinated" is merely the prelude to an ongoing artistic evolution, one that the world should watch with eager anticipation.

Written By Megan Cao


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