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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Faulty Wiring" - Sam Short

"Faulty Wiring" by Sam Short delves into the challenges of grappling with mental illness, as she seeks solace in a combination of medication and therapy to aid her journey toward healing. However, the medications and therapy don’t seem to help as expected, due to the medicine not working, and her therapist deciding to give up and part ways with her. This leaves Sam helpless and questioning the point in living if she feels like she needs assistance in “fixing” herself, when the assistance isn’t working. This new song, which is included in her latest EP “Faulty Wiring,” is an extremely personal one, but one that will reach those that can relate to her situation and know that they’re not alone.

At the start of the song, Sam notifies her doctor that the medication she’s been using hasn't led to any improvement. Instead, it's keeping her in the same stagnant state. She calls this an “error” - a glitch within her system (“Oh doctor, doctor, there's an error in my system. Medication couldn't fix it like you thought”). This “error” then led her to have a hard time understanding the point of living if both of her forms of treatment were being rejected (“Is it really living if I’m just surviving?”). Feeling helpless, struggling to “fix herself” and continue without working meds or a therapist, she asks the doctor: “Why do I bother when my therapist just left me? Said I’m too far gone to help, so what you got?” The last line of the song (“Oh, I’ve just got faulty wiring”) shows Sam coming to the realization that there wasn’t anything that she needed to fix about herself all along. Rather, she just needed to accept the fact that she was just wired differently.

Sam Short is an indie/pop singer-songwriter from Oregon, but based in Los Angeles, California. In 2022, she made her debut as an artist with her single “Already Mine” that went viral on Tiktok, and became an empowerment anthem. Since then, she has released the singles “Taste It,” “Naked,” and her EP “Faulty Wiring” which just released on August 18th. In an Instagram caption about this project, she shares: “These songs depict me at my darkest hour: a place I can say I’m no longer at, but that at one time I felt I’d never escape.” Check out Sam Short and her newest EP out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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