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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Feel Like" - Leah Marlene

You know how when you're watching a rom-com movie and a happy, euphoric song begins to play when the main character notices their love interest for the first time? They get stuck in a daydream where everyone else in the room disappears expect for the beautiful person they've just locked eyes with, and this magical music takes over the roaring voices of the party. Is there a song that reminds you of your love? Where every time you think of that person, that song begins to play inside your head? "Feel Like" by Leah Marlene is the epitome of scenarios like these; where someone just makes you feel so good that happy little tunes begin to play in your mind every time you think about them. Sometimes music is the only way we can describe what we're feeling when words just aren't good enough. That's what "Feel Like" is all about.

"Feel Like" is a feel-good song that is perfect for the Summertime. The soundscape is pop but with hints of classic rock and just a bit of jazz, very reminiscent of Harry Styles' modern 70s vibes. With quirky guitar riffs and a very prominent bass beat, the music carries Leah's voice smoothly, giving you an experience that is other-worldly. Leah has a powerhouse voice that captivates you within the first few notes. In the chorus, Leah uses a soft and airy tune instead of words to describe her feelings towards someone. My personal favorite moment in this song is the bridge where the layers of harmonies are just so strong and beautiful that it makes you hold your breath. There's no doubt that you will fall in love with this song and have it on repeat in your Summer playlist.

Leah Marlene is an artist who was born into the incredible life of music. Her dad was in a band, Honeymoon Suite, and she learned to play guitar at the young age of eight, having her first ever paying gig at the age of nine. After releasing several singles and two self-produced albums throughout her career, "The Space Between" and "Many Colors", as well as an EP, Leah went on to compete in American Idol's 2022 season and won third place. "Feel Like" is her first single release since participating on the show and is spending her time writing new music. There is hopes for a new album in the future!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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