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  • Madison Spies

Review: "Feel the Same" - Alvin Weise

To warmly welcome the summer season, Swedish singer-songwriter Alvin Weise has released the dreamy pop song titled ‘Feel the Same’. This track starts off calmly, with catchy guitar strumming to back Weise’s vocals and lyrics detailing that there is more than meets the ear. The lyrics begin to explain that there is a deep love present – but something is wrong. Although these are widely relatable feelings and the track could easily transition into a more melancholic sound, Weise surprises listeners by bringing in 80’s-like drums alongside his smooth and bright voice. The instrumental pieces of the song blend wonderfully with Weise’s voice and become more beautifully complex as it continues on. Electronic, retro-like piano and sound-magnifying layers to Wiese’s voice are added to the second half of the song, along with lyrics that feel like a happily familiar game of cat and mouse. This song reminds listeners that love may be messy, but it is also stunning. This message is what seals the deal on ‘Feel the Same’ being deemed a fully-fledged summer, coming-of-age, and celebratory of young love type of song.

Weise’s track begins with a dedication to falling in love, detailing how he is “drunk” on his feelings and wishing that the other person feels the same way. Although his feelings are deep and strong for this person, the song begins to explode when Weise croons that there is “something missing”. Much like love, the explosion of the track into an upbeat and warm sound does not explain the extent of the story. He is indeed in love, but at the same time he experiences pain and is left wondering about the state of this relationship. This state of confusion and mix of emotions is shown cleverly through Weise’s blend of an upbeat tone set alongside lyrics that make listeners think more about what Weise is really experiencing in the song. You can feel the raw emotion throughout the song - especially during times when the phrase “even when I win, I lose” is included. Weise may be stuck between a win and a loss with this relationship, but I assure you -you will secure a win if you give this track a listen.

Alvin Weise is a 25-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter and studies at Musikmakarna (The Songwriting Academy) in Stockholm, Sweden. Alvin began playing music at the age of ten in a music-loving home and has since then continued to expand his musical education and experience. Weise released his first single titled ‘Starting Over’ in March of this year and both wrote & produced the song himself. He has stated that the song is about “second chances” and he wishes that, like he does when he listens to the song, others will feel hope and receive a reminder of what is important. Much like ‘Starting Over’, ‘Feel the Same’ continues to explore themes of love and loss. Upon listening to Alvin’s music, I am reminded of artists like the Millennial Club, Surfaces, and Dominic Fike. In my opinion, Weise is in a similar “musical light” with these artists – I cannot wait to see more of what’s in store for him!


Written By Madison Spies



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