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  • George McSherry

Review: "Feeling" - Equal

A track seemingly crafted for catharsis, "Feeling" features lyricism rife with raw emotion and grit delivered by a vocal performance that sits at the intersection of chilling and comforting. Inspired by the songs of Taylor Swift and First Aid Kit, the new release from Equal demonstrates an apt ability to manipulate energy and melody through impressive range in a flowing soundscape that finds a full-bodied feel in sourcing inspiration from a variety of genres.

"Feeling", the fresh new single by Equal, is a vibrant blend of pop melodies and indie rock instrumentation paired with poignant, personal lyricism crooned in an understated yet rich, layered vocal performance that provides serious depth. Crisp percussion and a simple bassline hold the single steady, forming the foundation for the melodic combination of vocals and guitar. The track switches seamlessly between red bursts of energy rife with power chords and percussion to moments of acoustic guitar that instill cool-blue calm, leaving you with beautifully twisted "purple skies" that detail the everpresent complexities of feeling like that about someone.

Equal is the moniker for sister-duo Saleen and Chelsea Nolan making waves in indie music spheres. The pair hail from Ontario, Canada where they made a lasting impression in 2018 when they won "Durham's Best Band" at the judgment of Dave Baksh (Sum 41) and Dan Clancy (Lighthouse). Inspired by the music of their childhood, the sisters believe they have a moral obligation to use any platform they have to promote social causes and chose the name for their band accordingly, seeking to create a welcoming space for everyone. Check out some of the links below to follow their musical journey.

Written By George McSherry



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