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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Figure of 8" - Natalie Shay

Natalie Shay has just dropped “Figure of 8”, an upbeat song about being constantly reeled back into a toxic relationship. Like quicksand, you keep sinking deeper and deeper into it with seemingly no escape. And even when you finally get out of it, you may find yourself being curious about jumping back into the pit, despite knowing its consequences. “Figure of 8” is all about the cycle of leaving and coming back again, but realizing that, for your own health and happiness, it’s just best to stay away and focus on yourself. Containing both an insanely catchy beat and an important message, the song’s lyrics will hit home hard if you’ve ever been in this situation and managed to claw your way out.

The lyrics in “Figure of 8” have to be my favorite part of the song’s composition. Like the dizzying figure 8 that the song is titled after, the lyrics surround the cycle of leaving and returning, like being “caught in/a broken circuit.” The songwriting is highly evocative, raw and vivid; the way that Shay describes the terrible repeating process is beautifully poetic and wickedly catchy. Every time the pre-chorus swings by, you’ll feel where the song’s pulse lies, beating in time with the percussion and Shay's strong vocals. The instrumentals, too, are powerful and redolent; on full-blast, "Figure of 8" is the kind of song that echoes through your ears. It keeps climbing in intensity until it all culminates in the chorus, which is just perfect as it details the moment when you realize that they will never change, and the only option is for them to stay far, far away.

BRIT School graduate Natalie Shay is a singer-songwriter pop powerhouse known for her dynamic live performances and infectiously catchy music. Influenced by greats such as Taylor Swift, Paramore, and The 1975, Shay’s music touches on similar themes as her inspirations, such as youth, love, and friendship. She’s performed twice on CBBC’s Saturday Mashup! and has sold out venues across London, including the notable Camden Assembly and Oslo. With her first single being released all the way back in 2014 entitled “Follow You Home,” Shay’s discography is vast and varied, though they all carry her fantastically smooth and rich vocals. “Figure of 8” is one of her most recent releases and I encourage everyone to give it a listen; it’s an empowering, anthemic tune that truly wants you to put yourself first.

Written By Alexa Leung



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