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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Find An Island" - LOUUD

“Find An Island”, LOUUD’s newest single, sums up feelings of wanting to escape from life and the people around us. I felt like this song was very fitting for my life currently and the message really resonated with me. Sometimes life can get overwhelming, and we start to ignore our problems instead of facing them. It’s easy to put the real world on a back burner, but in the end we’re just hurting ourselves more by putting off the issue. We find ourselves in this circle of self-sabotage as we keep on moving away from what’s wrong, and it’s hard to break away from it. It’s true that people can suck and we might want to run and hide away on our own personal island, but eventually we have to face our problems in order to grow.

Upbeat bass lines, a quick tempo, and ear pleasing vocals– “Find An Island” is the perfect vibe for the summer. The combination of these simple elements creates a masterfully put together single. The simplicity of the synths used and the consistency of the bass line makes “Find An Island” easy to dance to. It’s an easygoing groove and you can’t help but find yourself bobbing your head or swaying along to the chorus. What really makes this song stand out from a typical dance-pop tune, would have to be the vocal’s by LOUUD. The sweet, high pitched easy of the notes LOUUD sings, creates a sound that isn’t typically heard that often. The unique voice is a nice touch that adds just the right about of spice!

The Stockholm based artist LOUUD, also known as Louise Udin, has been preparing for the spotlight since she was little. From writing her own music at a young age, LOUUD has perfected her craft with experience and inspiration from 90’s RnB, Disco, and 70’s pop. LOUUD has created a style known to her that combines self-irony with a contemporary feel. Her previous singles, “Out of Love” and “Better Off”, found her success in making it to numerous playlist and radios such as New Music of Sweden, The Line of Best Fit, Ja Ja Ja Apple and more. After 3 years, LOUUD returns with this hit single. Follow LOUUD to keep up with more great pop music!

Written By Emily Hancock



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