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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Find You" - New Friends

From the opening moments of "Find You," New Friends release their genre-bending sound in a torrential downpour. The latest single from the Canadian band closes the their latest EP, Camaro, with an explosive declaration of hope after staring into the void of heartbreak throughout the project's three prior tracks. The magical effect parallels the EP's cover art: luminescent fireworks transforming the inky black of night. The anthemic, power pop sound is truly larger-than-life: misty, bright, stark, and overflowing. While satisfying to blast from a distance, it's the depth to its composition and mix that make "Find You" so exquisite on close listens. The guitar work is especially exceptional, providing a versatile undercurrent to the subtle and distinct movements. There's always sonic nuance to delve into as a listener, whether it's the searing buzz of distortion in the pre-chorus or the brilliant, electric guitar riffs in the song's final moments.

There is a collage-like quality to the lyrics behind "Find You." Poignant and vivid phrases are linked together in a kaleidoscopic quilt of expression. "Are you hiding? There's so much I know that I want," vocalist Stefan Boulineau seamlessly shifts from belt to croon. If the subject feels vague, like he's singing to the silhouette of someone rather than their face, that's because "Find You" tracks the moment between the end and beginning. After excavating their loss, insecurity, and numbness in the EP's three, prior tracks, New Friends end at the moment when hope creeps back in the door. "Where can I find you?" They ask, though the real miracle is that they're ready to search again.

New Friends are a Canadian indie-pop band made up of Stefan Boulineau, Ayden Miller, Cole Wilson, and Conrad Galecki. They debuted with the 2018 single, "Purple Candy," to viral attention and acclaim. While the covid pandemic halted their momentum, the band was able to record and develop as artists, returning with their first live show in 2021. Since then, they've been on a non-stop uprise to their current place at the vanguard of indie-pop. "Find You" has released alongside the EP, Camaro, which follows the endings of a relationship. Honing their chemistry and talent, the relatively new band is proving themselves to possess the talent and perspectives of industry veterans.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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