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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Floating Balloon" - Ryann Barnes

"Floating Balloon" is Ryann Barnes' third released single where she sings about how she feels overlooked in such a vulnerable situation. This song takes place at a party where she put on her best outfit to make that special person notice her, just for her to be completely ignored by them as they talk to someone else. While others around her are having the best time, she's doing everything she can to piece back together the heart that had just been broken. She feels as if she's watching from afar and observing the situation as a desolate outsider. This song is for those who have experienced being the one on the outside, witnessing the interaction that you should be partaking in.

This piece is comprised of many soft-sounding elements giving this piece a very elegant and heartfelt feel. Her tone of voice reminds me of Taylor Swift's, as they both have that gentle element that reveals their emotions. The passionate piano keys intensify the feelings of loneliness that Barnes conveys through this piece. These two elements combined deepen the meaning of this piece and perfectly communicate how distant she feels in this situation. Her lyricism wonderfully describes the details of the scene so well which transports listeners to the exact scene so that they can experience the same heartache Barnes had to endure. Listeners are able to sympathize with this song due to its graceful elements and heavily detailed lyricism

Ryann Barnes is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter who debuted in 2021 with her first single "September." Embodying the "soft girl" aesthetic, she reflects the qualities of this in her social media presence as well as her music. Since that release, Barnes has produced "Velcroe Tie" and her latest "Floating Balloon." Her inspiration to write derives from a word or idea and just three cords. Barnes perfectly fits in the modern indie/soft rock genre and is sure to continue releasing incredible pieces.

Written By Melina Darlas



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