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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "fool" - little luna

little luna’s latest track, “fool,” is finally here! It’s the first single off of her latest EP, “the wildflower woman”, and it fuses elements of 1970s and 1980s soft rock and the current pop sound. The track is all about rejecting the college to 9-5 pipeline that we are told to abide by. “fool” starts out by addressing this head-on, saying “well they say you need an education/guess everybody’s got a crystal ball.” She knows that she doesn’t need a plan to know that she’s going places, and her determination and her longing for freedom will take her there. In the pre chorus, she tells listeners that she doesn’t want that 9-5 life, but “I’ll take the suit and tie/and I’ll dance in it every night.” The chorus is when she introduces the title, saying that she’ll always be perceived as a fool because she isn’t doing what others want her to do. little luna rejects judgment from others, not being embarrassed that she “laughs(s) at things that no one else finds funny.” She starts embracing her freedom from not following the “normal” life: she’s not learning from an institution, rather by traveling and learning things as she goes. Once again, she doesn’t need a plan for her future, further pushing the wonderful life she has with her freedom.

The production of “fool” is what I consider pure bliss. This track takes elements from Fleetwood Mac, but also more current artists like Maggie Rogers and Phoebe Bridgers. The imagery in this song perfectly aligns with the instrumentation that brings an effortless, upbeat, and energized feel. Her vocals are also effortless, despite them being dreamy and ethereal. The harmonies and ad-libs add another layer of depth and passion. She also incorporates some catch and release elements, mostly in the chorus. The first bars feature just little luna’s voice and a guitar, which creates a sense of tension as it zooms into the rest of the chorus. “fool” has a magnificent soundscape that fits perfectly with the other tracks on “the wildflower woman.” This track has a truly inspiring message of setting yourself free that is wonderfully communicated with the production.

little luna is a singer-songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is currently based in Los Angeles, California. She describes the name little luna as “ my expression of searching for my truest self, connecting to it, and then creating from it.” Growing up with a passion for singing and acting, she has always had a passion for performance. However, once she moved to LA at 18 years old, that’s where her musical journey truly began. Alongside her friend, Dayyon Alexander, she made her first demo in 2013. After meeting her now creative director, Jade Ehlers, in 2015 on a photoshoot, her vision of little Luna came to be, and she knew she wanted to make a record. However, it wasn’t until 2020 when she came out with her first single, “shift and go”. Since then, she has released two EPs: “through the self” and “the wildflower woman”. little luna is an incredibly talented visionary, and she goes the extra mile for her music. As a lover of film, she often creates a “cinematic” version for her songs. On top of creating regular music videos, she also creates a one-take music video for the cinematic versions. As if that wasn’t enough, she also is a yoga instructor, and she created yoga flows for each of the songs on her first EP, and has a 25-minute guided meditation track to end both her EPs. little luna’s dedication to her craft is immeasurable, and her talent as a musician and a visionary will certainly leave an impact on the indie-pop scene.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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