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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Fooling Myself" - Callen

We all have our ‘tomorrows’. Tomorrow I’ll do this, in a few years I’ll do that. These aspirations give us something to work towards. While it’s good to have goals, it’s easy to get sidetracked. In his newest single ‘Fooling Myself’, Callen is having to be brutally honest about his ‘tomorrows’. He isn’t content with his present and is always saying “one day I’ll move into a better place”. He knows that one day things will get better. So, what’s the problem? Callen’s unhappiness with his present is preventing him from working towards his better place. ‘Fooling Myself’ is Callen’s reality check to himself. He’s recognizing that, to reach his dreams, he must change his mindset.

If I had to put ‘Fooling Myself’ into a genre, I’d place it in indie pop-rock. The track draws from both pop and rock influences, with Callen adding his own indie flair to pull everything together. The song opens with the drummer counting down and clicking his drumsticks. After the countdown, the rest of the band joins in. A distinct bassline combined with clapping beats help create an indie-pop sound. This steady indie-pop feel continues through the first verse and pre-chorus. During the chorus is where the rock influences take center stage. The guitar becomes more distinct, and the drums increase their intensity. Callen’s vocals, which are calm and steady throughout the verse and pre-chorus, also up their intensity. The song goes back and forth between an intense chorus and calmer verses until the last chorus, where Callen lets the rock influences fully take over until the last notes fade. This back and forth helps give a look inside Callen’s head. The steadiness of the verses reflects the complacent place he’s locked himself into. The intensity of the choruses represents Callen being brutally honest with himself. By ending with the chorus, the listener is left with the impression that Callen is going to try and change his ways in the future, repeating that he needs to stop fooling himself. This unique look at introspection makes ‘Feeling Myself’ a standout for Callen and the indie pop-rock genre.

A love for music has always been present in Callen’s life. At a young age the Nashville based artist would replicate his favorite songs in Ableton. Over the years he’s refined his skills and now produces his own music. Callen draws a lot of his inspiration from the alt-pop scene of the early 2000’s. His music is featured on numerous Spotify curated playlists, and he currently has over fifteen-thousand monthly listeners on the platform. ‘Fooling Myself’ is one of the tracks off his debut album ‘Ghost Reflections’. Stream ‘Fooling Myself’ and the rest of the album now!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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