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  • George McSherry

Review: "For The Best" - Dallin Hatch

For The Best should be the next track you add to your break-up playlist. Dallin Hatch balances regret, sorrow, guilt, and indignance, backing the lyricism with those cathartic neck-strained vocals that could only talk about love or the lack of it. It definitely feels like a song for the shower or for when you're driving; just make sure you're somewhere you can belt the lyrics.

The classic combo of fervent vocals and poignant lyricism over piano chords intersect with the featured electronic production to find a satisfying balance in this modern heartbreak anthem that paints the pain of watching the love drain out of your relationship. The soft and slow verse work set a somber tone and provides contrast for the forceful, commanding chorus where Hatch shows off his vocal (and emotional) range and power. The track would sound right at home on a Jon Bellion release.

Dallin Hatch is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter who "wears his heart on his sleeve" and he shows it, bearing emotion and honesty throughout his growing discography. Completely independent, Hatch began his songwriting career at 15 and has recently found success on TikTok, where his cover of Dreya Mac's "Own Brand Freestyle" caught the ear of the original artist herself and even Meghan Trainor. Find Dallin's socials below to follow his career and hear more!

Written By George McSherry



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