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  • CJ Taylor

Review: "Forgive & Forget" - Obeeyay (feat. Alayna Grace)

Obeeyay and Alayna Grace recently teamed up in their latest single "Forgive & Forget." This is a mid-tempo R&B track with both singers expressing emotions of fervor and hurt. It’s a lovely masterpiece of acoustic sounds. The soothing beats and harmonious voices of Obeeyay and Alayna Grace draw the listeners in, evoking emotions deeply rooted inside of them. If you’ve felt the pain of a breakup or are currently going through a difficult time with your loved one, “the deep lyrics” of “Forgive & Forget” will stir the strings of your heart. The lyrics tap into that tender place of yearning, pulling at the threads of shared experiences that somehow spun into a patchwork of misunderstandings. “Wanna lay down my head on your chest, Been missing your heartbeat, And the way that you taste in the morning”, it's like reading pages from a diary we've all written in but never dared to read aloud. ​This song isn’t just about mending a relationship; it’s an invitation to mend the soul.

While listening to "Forgive & Forget," you can’t help but feel like you're walking through a dreamy, early morning haze, the kind where hope is tangible, hanging softly in the air with the morning mist. Obeeyay has captured the mood perfectly with a blend of acoustic richness and mellow synth vibes, striking a balance that feels soothing to the soul — kind of like that first sip of coffee on a rainy day. Alayna’s voice layers over his with the kind of harmony that seems to fill in all the silent spaces love leaves behind. Each instrument seems hand-picked to cradle their voices: the guitar that gently weeps, the piano that whispers possibilities, the brush of the cymbals that feels like a promised kiss. It’s a song that sounds like a quiet breakthrough, the sound of letting go, and the rhythm of what comes next.

Diving into Obeeyay's and Alayna Grace's stories is like stumbling upon a pair of secret gardens where every song is a different bloom. There’s a mystery to them, a charm in their commitment to let the music do the talking. Obeeyay, with a voice that wears its heart on its sleeve, and Alayna, whose tone carries stories in each note, make for a musical duo that feels fated. They might not have the backgrounds of Billboard chart-toppers just yet, but every harmony, and every crafted lyric speaks to their journey through the ranks of musical storytellers. They're the kind of artists whose future in the industry is not just anticipated; it's ardently hoped for. "Forgive & Forget" seems to etch their names in our minds, not just for the song they’ve shared but for the anticipation of all the music yet to come.

You guys should absolutely let "Forgive & Forget" wash over you, to fill the room and the little silences within you that you didn’t even know were there. Drop by Spotify using one of the links to their Spotify page and give it a listen; it’s waiting to meet you. While the melody lingers long after the song ends, you can also take a moment and listen to it video above there’s something special about seeing those words, about having the emotion hit your eyes and ears at the same time. And hey, while you're caught in the current of their craft, why not stay adrift? Follow Obeeyay and Alayna Grace on social media through the links below. Stay connected, stay tuned, and maybe, just like their song, you’ll find something or someone to forgive and forget with.

Until Next Time Guys!

Written By CJ Taylor




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