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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Freaking Out" - Billy Lockett

One thing that comes with growing up is moving on. Whether this is in a physical or mental form, it will happen. We’re growing out of our roots, finding who we are, and wanting to branch out into the world to display that. But as we grow, we realize that not everything can come with us—and we have to trust that they’ll be there when we go back instead of trying to split our nostalgic selves from our grown ones and stressing us out with the pressure to be two places, two people at once. With “Freaking Out”, Billy Lockett explores this meaning—his struggles of being on tour and pursuing his dreams while trying to maintain the same level of connection with the people he left back home.

With this new track, Billy Lockett also releases a music video—a creative depiction of how his emotions and thoughts combat each other and transform everyone around him into zombie-like beings to represent his lack of control over his state of mind. He establishes the idea that at some point, trying to be in two places at once makes you lose a sense of where and who you even are. In “Freaking Out” he starts the song by singing, “You know I love you, and I’m proud/I just wish you were around a little more”, which can be seen as the people he loves missing him, leading him to want to separate a little time and energy to be there with them. He’s stretching himself thin by trying to appease both the side of him that pursues his music on tour and the side of him that wants to nurture his relationships.

Billy Lockett grew up in Northampton, writing songs in his cellar with his dad. His journey to where he is now has been filled with ups and downs—tours, struggles, writing songs, singing, and a cat. He’s released three EPs, a classical album, and many singles in between, all great examples of how he is dedicated to his art and talented enough to make it work. “Freaking Out” is part of Billy Lockett’s upcoming album, “Abington Grove” which is scheduled to come on February 17th, 2023. This will be his first studio album, showcasing a different part of Lockett’s life through each track.

Written by Jane Katryn



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