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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Friends" - Medhanit

When we're younger, we think we're the only one who can feel the way we do. All of our emotions are passionate, and we're a bit dramatic. It's like when we're teenagers, watching the newest movies and somehow convincing ourselves that we're the main character. We're so caught up with this idea that we're all unique and have experiences like no one else has, even though everyone around us is most likely going through the same thing-- we just don't talk about it. This is what Medhanit believes her newest release, "Friends" feels like, the main character moment of having too many emotions all at once and convincing yourself that it's only you.

In her newest single, "Friends" Medhanit tackles the idea of losing, being hurt, and hurting someone else while attempting to love. It's an ambitious feeling to try to emulate within a song, but after listening to it, I can't imagine anything that resonates more with that emotion. She sings, "I think I have to let you go/To give you space and time to grow/And let you live for once" which is quickly making its place as one of my favorite lyrics. It holds a beat that is enamoring--combined with her delicate vocals and intriguing dynamic to make a song that can easily live inside your head. She samples from one of her favorite songs, "Eulogy" by Baltimöre Charlót, and creates this unique track that I can see becoming one that everyone would want to listen to on repeat.

Medhanit is a Tasmanian artist that was originally born in Ethiopia. She grew up with music--constantly being around it from when she was only a baby. She's fascinated with emotions, how love affects us, how our initial reactions make us feel, and how we grow into understanding our feelings, all of which make her establish her writing as something powerful and moving. She's released two songs before this titled "Same Things" and "Her", both undeniably beautiful and that showcase Medhanit's immense musical talent. Her introspective lyrics and stunning live performances give Medhanit an unmatched quality that I can see quickly garnering fans.

Written by Jane Katryn



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