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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Front Row Ticket" - Justin Ripassa

Justin Ripassa recently dropped his latest pop-rock piece, "Front Row Ticket." This song concerns the topic of alcohol and drug abuse, and what it's like to watch someone you love fall victim to these vices. He sees this girl falling deeper and deeper into the pit of no return as she is trying to run away from her problems, and knows that there is nothing he can do to help her unless she wants to help herself. He reassures her that he will always have the number one spot in his heart and that he will always be right by her side once again to help her.

This gentle soft rock piece includes many different instruments being played in lighter chords creating a very comforting and emotional sound. Ripassa's voice is very warm and beautifully captures the raw emotion which is tied to the piece. There was a heavy emphasis on the electric guitar, and it added a bit of energy to the piece. He even devoted about a third of the song to a guitar solo. Another cool aspect of this song is how he related her drug and alcohol problem to drowning. Lines such as "I've got my hand underwater trying to reach" and "the water keeps on rising above your lips" both elude the idea that this issue makes her feel like she's drowning. Overall, Ripassa did a wonderful job of creating a heartwrenching, yet uplifting piece about supporting the girl he loves through any and all of her struggles.

Justin Ripassa is a singer/songwriter/actor/model from the Netherlands. On his debut EP Lost Generation, he uses four different genres ranging from Indie pop and Pop rock to Soft rock and Americana. Justin aspires to spread awareness of world issues by using his music as a voice for his generation.

Written By Melina Darlas



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