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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Fur Coat" - Georgia Owen

“Fur Coat” follows an exciting yet scandalous healing journey brought about by indulging with an ex’s credit card. Not long has passed since you broke up with your ex, which pushes you to begin a new chapter in your life. However, they forgot one of their mementos after they left you out in the cold: their credit card. With this new discovery, the path to healing seems paved in gold and cash. You feel as though the way they hurt you justifies the amount of money you plan to spend. The bills keep piling up for your ex and you are left with a freeing sense of joy. You dance alone in the layers of clothing you bought with their money. What makes you smile most is a vintage fur coat for any event, a happy distraction from your recent break up. The amount you spend is of no concern to you and your journey.

“Fur Coat” is an indie pop and pop rock anthem whose instrumental is as upbeat and carefree as the story it is telling. We open with an upbeat and infectious guitar riff that we will soon become familiar with. It is essentially the foundation of harmonious and lively instrumentation. Each aspect of the instrumental gradually builds alongside narrative. With almost each new item Georgia Owen mentions wanting, a new aspect to the song is added and makes the single feel even more complete. The vocals throughout showcase the various elements that bring this song together. This is displayed through occasional harmonies and the pre-chorus vocal modulation. As we experience the joy of celebrating a relationship’s end and its spoils, we feel that amongst the carefree nature of the single.

Georgia Owen is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. The majority of her early career was spent performing in the seaside city of Asbury Park. She has also performed in various other locations in Central Jersey and New York. She debuted her self-titled EP in 2017 and has since released other singles and EPs on various music streaming platforms. She has written music for artists such as Brian Fallon, Tor Miller, and Gabe Simon. She has also recorded songs for various media such as “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” on Hulu and “Just Before Dawn” documentary. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Fur Coat” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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