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  • George McSherry

Review: "Galaxy Eyes" - Andriana Chobot

I'd never imagined a Thom Yorke and Imogen Heap collaboration before. Now I don't need to. Some intangible extends itself from the track that seals the piano balladry as a track made for staring out the window on your trip to the moon, brooding and reminiscing about what you left back on that rock that was your home. "Galaxy Eyes" features varied production that demonstrates range to the point that it threatens to split the seams of the MP3 file (do we still use MP3 files? 🤷‍♂️ )

Introduced by piano and subtle, pitched-up background warbles that set the scene out in the cosmos of the emotional mind. Andriana's low and fervent vocals enter just shortly before the supporting voice from collaborator Joshua Glass comes in to add a layer that fades in and out, highlighting the song's emotion and adding palpable depth. Dulled, rolling bass and 808s combine to fill the vast space while piano and distorted guitar take turns decorating the sound musical structure, the elements of which combine to curate a galactic, otherworldly musical landscape.

In the crafting of her fine-tuned projects, Andriana Chobot employs a wide array of musical influences in her production, ranging from rock, folk, and indie to jazz. Having started her musical journey on the piano aged just four years old, Andriana has continued to develop her ever-evolving style throughout her career which has also taken her beyond the recording studio into work on dramatic theatre productions. The Canadian musician currently resides in Vermont with her beloved Rhodes keyboard.

Written By George McSherry


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