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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Game Over" - Chymes

Think of *NSYNC’s music video for “Bye Bye Bye”. What immediately pops into your head? In my head, I instantly envision the woman pretending to be a puppeteer while marionetting the members of the band. She’s toying with and manipulating them for her own gratification. Imagine for a moment that the tables were turned. It’s now them controlling and pulling on her puppet strings. If your imagination isn’t imagining too well at the moment, no worries. Chymes has you covered with their new single, “Game Over”, where this story of romantic manipulation is reimagined through heavy synths and a bouncing beat fit for a club. But most importantly, it's told from a woman's perspective.

“Game Over” is an Alt-Pop single about detaching from the intoxicating allure of a manipulative connection. The song opens with a catchy hook that has listeners doing a double take before Chymes drops the first verse. In the verses building up to the chorus, we learn that this manipulative relationship has gone through several cycles but our artist is determined to make sure this cycle is the last one. They’re not falling for the “sad face” again, and they’re tired of their time being wasted. The first half of the chorus crescendos into the second half that envelopes listeners in this funky dance beat that's bound to make anyone feel the same sense of power the manipulator in this connection has exercised and experienced up until this point. But the only thing that'll be stroking that puppeteer's "ego" in the future is their "right hand". Chymes then brings us to a bridge that reveals how ethereal their vocals are while promising to herself to never get caught up in this connection again. “Game Over” feels like the logical conclusion to Chymes’ “See You In Hell”. “See You In Hell” details how one becomes so infatuatedly altruistic – giving all of yourself to someone – they disregard any thought or reason when entering into a relationship. In “Game Over”, you’ve finally come to your senses and see your lover for what they truly are: bad company.

Chymes is an Australian pop-artist seeking to take over the genre with her darker themes and divulgence into heavy-hitting topics. After being tweeted by Jungkook from BTS, the artist has seen nothing but continuous growth in both listeners and streams. Chymes has been in the music scene since 2016, when they released their first EP, Grow. Now, more recent singles like “Black Hole Friend” and “Euphoria” have amassed millions of streams on top of being featured on multiple Spotify editorial playlists. The Pretty Little Liars reboot even showcased Chymes 2021 single, “Death Wish”. If you’ve enjoyed Chymes' cut from the puppet strings as much as I have, show the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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