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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Ghosts" - Carson Ferris

Carson Ferris Ghosts Cover Art

It’s been nearly nine months since I last reviewed Carson Ferris’ 2023 single “Talkin’ to You”, so I’m so glad to be back to listen to his latest track “Ghosts”. A slower, chiller tempo laced with heavier meaning, “Ghosts” is the culmination of Ferris’ personal experience and observations of toxic and unhealthy relationships. If you’ve ever been witness to these situations, or have been part of them yourself, this song is going to speak directly to you. The lyrics are wizened with hindsight, and are honest to the core; the story it tells is one that has happened repeatedly throughout history without fail, but is now memorialized with emotional vocals and electronic beats. Weighty in meaning and deep in synth, "Ghosts" is a electro-pop combo of a melodic soundscape and meaningful lyrics.

Although “Ghosts” was originally meant to be a high tempo dance track, I feel that its slower tempo works much better with its meaning. Synth and heavy drum beats make for a fitting electro-pop song, blending together emotionally raw lyrics and a more relaxed atmosphere. When you add Ferris’ vocals to the mix, you’re provided with the missing piece that brings the entire soundscape together; flowing throughout the track, his smooth voice immaculately threads the instrumentals and lyrics into one song. The production is simply fantastic– just one listen will immediately tell a listener that a lot of care and effort went into forming the soundscape and vibe of “Ghosts”. But, as usual, my favorite part of the song is the songwriting. The first line of “Ghosts” asks, “Do you believe in ghosts?” which instantly establishes the song’s themes. In this context, the narrator is the “ghost”, being all that is left of themselves from a relationship after they have left. Tired of being used, only their spirit remains. Later on, in the bridge, listeners get a bigger taste of what this means– “It’s time to change / Yeah, moving on’s a choice I’ve made”. I really like how “Ghosts” is all about encouraging moving on from someone who has hurt you; you can forgive them, make peace with the situation, but you are not obligated to stay. In fact, it is the only way things can be okay again, with you leaving, living, and learning from the relationship’s end. It’s a kind and caring message, and entwined with the song’s immensely catchy electro-pop beats, "Ghosts" becomes a poetic embodiment of what it means to forgive and live on.

Hailing from Provo, Utah, Carson Ferris is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose music can be described as a cross between a young Michael Jackson and OneRepublic. While being a solo artist, he’s also a member of the singing groups One Voice Children’s Choir and Voices Elevated– and with OVCC, he had the chance to sing in front of stadiums and tour Tokyo. Since his debut release in 2021 “Can’t Be Without You”, in collaboration with Trinidad Cardona, Ferris has gone on to release a wide array of music that encapsulates the classic upbeat pop style. His two EPs, “Talkin' to You” and “1999”, were both released in 2023 to great success. "Ghosts" is Ferris' first single of 2024, but he isn't stopping there. If you enjoyed "Ghosts", definitely drop him a follow to keep track of his next projects!

Written By Alexa Leung



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