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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "God Complex" - FLEUR ROUGE

Here’s a story about a date gone wrong that wasn’t funny in the moment, but an experience that she can laugh about now. Fleur Rouge uses her latest track, “God Complex,” to spill the tea about how chaotic her date went. Fleur’s word choice and use of a punky, electro and fun beat shows us that she's not only poking fun while she looks back at the experience, but turns a crazy story into one that we can have fun with and laugh about with her. The date in question was a guy with a God complex. You know, the self-obsessed ones that think they’re the shit and the world revolves around them? The ones you can’t even go 5 minutes into having a conversation with without being turned off? Now that you know what she’s getting into, brace yourself for the details.

I find it hilarious, but accurate how Fleur describes this person as a boy even though he’s grown. This story goes left pretty quickly. She shares that this person was self-obsessed, had a routine conversation, and was living inside of their own head. After being immediately turned off, Fleur tells us how she was “About to dip the scene” after calling her Uber. She tries to get it across that she's checked out and isn’t interested in him because she, “Won’t try for a loser.” But after being full of himself with this God complex and inability to read the room and see that she isn’t into him, Fleur tells him, “This might be hard for you to believe. You ain’t doin’ it for me. Do I have to spell it out? God! You think you’re so hot. I just think you’re self-obsessed.” At his big age, his dating life isn’t going to go far if he thinks being arrogant is going to make a girl's heart skip a beat.

Fleur Rouge is an English and French electro-pop singer and songwriter based in Manchester. Her first single “Growing Pains” was introduced in 2020. It was featured on Spotify’s New Pop UK playlist and she has been supported by BBC Introducing Manchester. Since then, she’s released numerous songs, with her most streamed song being “Vices,” which surpassed 40,000 streams. One of her songs, “Cold Feet,” is the first track out that is on her upcoming EP, “What Makes U Think I Care?” Keep up with Fleur’s journey by clicking on her social media links below, and listen to “God Complex” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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