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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Good Reason" - Ari Dayan

There's a lot that we would like to freefall in. This can apply to our worries, our travels, and our wants--but it can also apply to how we love. We push love into the media with this idea of loving with our entire being, letting ourselves feel the emotions with everything that we are and live with the notion that nothing can go wrong. But this is only how we want to perceive it; in reality we're faced with the fear of what lies at the bottom of the freefall. In seeing and living through times and relationships that have done us wrong we can't help but be a little more cautious before taking that jump. In "Good Reason", Ari Dayan talks about how her insecurities in love came true and how she just wants to have a reason to not be insecure anymore, but her head keeps fighting with her heart.

It's a pop hit-- seductive, intense, and energizing all wrapped up into a bundle with her sultry voice that enraptures everyone who hears it. "Good Reason" takes the vulnerability of love and puts it into a track that showcases heartbreak and anger. She only bolsters that with the paired music video. The video shows Dayan dancing through a room of changing colors--feeling her emotional words through her movements and giving us a visual to only intensify the fiery meaning. She sings the words, "Give me one good reason to love you/Give me one good reason to stay" because sometimes when you've been scalded by the fires of a relationship you can't find a reason to keep it going. It gives the meaning of just wanting to know why the other thinks they still deserve you after hurting you--and newsflash, they don't.

Ari Dayan is a powerful and seductive pop singer. She released "Good Reason" on Oct. 1 of last year and it's still a song filled with catchy vibes and intense emotion. She's seductive in her music delivering a captivating feeling through her vocals and melodies. The singer is an LA-native and has shown her skills while working with numerous producers and songwriters within the city. She takes on the influences of pop icons and transposes it with her own spin of humor and introspection. She's authentic and a fantastic musician--two reasons she's someone to look out for on the music scene.

Written by Jane Katryn



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