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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: "Goodbye" - Livi Jacobs

Alright, I gotta’ tread carefully here… What comes to mind for you when I say ‘country’ music? Cowboys? Beer? Beer-drinking cowboys? Sure, for a great deal of its history, the genre was marked by the blues/folk-leaning ‘outlaw country’ of 19th Century icons like Hank Williams; but soon, as life and liberty swept America into a modern age, the blue-collar anthems of everyday citizens began take hold on the national stage. Legendary, timeless names, like Dolly Parton, Elvis–began to blend these tales with the explosive energy of a fledgling ‘rock n’ roll,’ and ‘popular’ styles at large! With no signs of slowing down, this lineage continued to thrive, producing household names such as Garth Brooks, Kid Rock, Shania Twain, the queen herself, Taylor Swift! Now, this all begs the question: what is ‘country’ music? Is it a sound? An attitude? Well, honestly… I have no clue, but my gut tells me this bold tradition is alive and well, and Livi Jacobs is the proof! Shining bright on her debut release, “Goodbye,” Jacobs brims with the bittersweet, taking the audience on one hell of an emotional ride!

Fusing the husky lilt of contemporary ‘pop-country’ with gentle folk, Livi Jacobs wastes no time jumping into this stellar cut! “Goodbye” calmly drifts in and out of focus, cresting and dipping in wavy fashion. Jacobs’ beautiful voice hangs in the mid-range, rarely wandering from its tessitura; buckling down with a whispery, ethereal approach, subtle harmonies and sleek production help flush out the tune, lending necessary contour that allows the straight-forward instrumental to sparkle! The singers’ storytelling is phenomenal, and in my opinion, possibly the crown jewel of an already royal release! Whereas it seems that many of her singer-songwriter peers focus on lyrical/aural motif(s) to capture listeners, Jacobs keeps herself in focus; “Goodbye” is a message from the heart, a eulogy to past pain, and an ode to our own resilience. The tune is plot-driven, a portrait of life painted with melancholic blues and heartfelt hues… a study in balance and composure.

While quite mysterious aside from a growing social media presence (and her marriage to rising Florida star, Steven James), Livi Jacobs is a contemporary pop artist holding the world in her hands. Born in Austria, Jacobs’ passion has unfolded into a life-long journey, leading her to America--where stents in Florida, Nashville, and L.A. have helped polish this precocious artist! Chasing her childhood dream for all it’s worth, “Goodbye” is Jacobs laying her cards on the table. Boasting beauty, intention, and a nostalgia that strikes all the right chords, it’s clear that this young artist is primed for success!

Written By Thomas Hiscock


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