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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Greed" - Auti

Auti’s “Greed” unapologetically calls out the upper-echelon society for their money hungry ways. Some people will do anything to look like they are of the wealthiest elite, and they’ll use every last penny to persuade a false persona of prosperity. It’s like spending thousands of dollars to keep a manicured lawn while the paint is chipping in your kitchen. As long as the people who pass your house think you’re well-to-do, it’s easy to ignore the crumbling walls inside. There’s that age-old-saying, “money talks, wealth whispers,” and that is the basis of frustration in Auti’s new hit song. People get a little change in their pockets, and think they immediately have to show for it, with something flashy and opulent nonetheless. In a world full of instant fame and overnight success, it’s perplexing to think how little of that money goes to a good cause.

Along with catchy lyrics and lively music, Auti touches on such an important topic of using fame and fortune to better mankind. You can’t help but get up and get loud from the moment “Greed” begins. The song is reminiscent of a movie when people have finally had enough, and they decide to fight for themselves because no one else is going to, and we’re left with nothing but anarchy and chaos, but that’s when people finally get the message and society begins to change. Auti is determined to use her platform for good. She uses her music as a vehicle for change and a positive impact for her audience and the world. She proudly proclaims that she won’t let greed define her. It’s refreshing to see an artist call out society, and with this captivating, dynamic song, people are sure to not only hear her, but truly listen and make a change.

Auti is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter who has a deep passion for speaking about mental health and changing the narrative. She gives people a safe space within her music, and she is using her platform to make a stand and influence the world. Auti is a nationwide Mental Health Ambassador, and she draws on personal struggles and past experiences to inspire her music, and she wants to engrain a message of hope in her audience. She is the embodiment of resilience, and in the face of adversity, she wants her listeners to know they are not alone, and they can endure anything. Auti first rose to stardom when her cover of “Shallow” from A Star Is Born went viral. She has accumulated many fellow change-hungry fans across her social media and streaming platforms, and she continues to release new music with a fresh outlook and diverse instrumentation. Auti’s raw talent, refreshing vulnerability, and enthusiasm for the underdog makes her the voice of her generation, and we feel greedy to keep her all to ourselves.

Written By Grace Chapman



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