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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “green” - philine

There’s something special about the color green that gives me so much joy. It’s arguably the best color, and as philine states, “It’s always around me / Even inside me.” “green” is the latest single by singer and songwriter philine, and is such a true representation about the clarity and balance the color green can bring someone. The color green actually holds more meaning than you may think! It’s said that green symbolizes the feeling of renewal and self-understanding. And based on the emotional lyrics philine wrote, she was deeply inspired and impacted b​​y the shade. And the story of how she wrote the song I think is incredible. She stood in the middle of a corn field, feeling so closely connected with the world around her, and left with a deeper respect and appreciation for it. That is the kind of inspiration I adore in music.

philine has such an incredibly soft and emotion-filled voice. I really couldn’t imagine anyone else singing or writing this song. I really love when she utilizes her head voice when she sings. She tends to get a little quiet to reach the higher notes, but then she comes back with her incredible chest voice. Everything about the way philine sings and writes music is awe-inspiring. I also have to appreciate the instrumentals in this song. There aren’t any insane drum solos, no dramatic guitar riffs… it’s simple, beautiful, and lets the listeners fully appreciate philine’s jaw-dropping vocal and lyrical skills.

philine is a singer and songwriter from the Netherlands who began releasing music back in 2020, with her debut single “gone” reaching over 33,000 streams to this day. Her love for music first sprouted when she was 11-years-old, inspired by her mother’s passion for it. She would go on to write her own songs from a young age, participating in singing competitions, and working in studios with her friends at a conservatory in Rotterdam. Following the release of “gone”, philine released a number of popular hits, including “needy as hell”, which currently sits at just over 225,000 streams on Spotify alone. Another one of her songs that got fans hooked as a collaboration song with fellow musician, Melle. The song, “Old Summers”, has well over 600,000 hits at this point, and is a fantastic example of philine’s skills. Overall, I truly enjoyed “green”, and have already added it to my playlists. Go stream “green” right now!!

Written By Isabel Mays



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