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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Grovel" - April Jai

The song begins "You'd better learn to grovel, get down on your knees." Jai is putting her lover on notice and letting them know that her forgiveness won't come easy. This song represents a wronged lover who is now faced with the chance to make the accused pay for what they've done as they seek possible reconciliation. The person in question is on trial, in the hot seat, but with pointers. "I want you to grovel." Jai repeats as she details the full gravity of the situation, even plainly stating "You messed up." When discussing the idea behind the song, Jai has stated "After the success of "Morally Grey" I realised my audience was hungry for more music influenced by fictional characters, I love when I read scenes in romance books where men grovel so I just knew I had to write a song about it." Jai combined her own personal love of literature and gauged it with her audience's reaction to it and crafted this anthem for us. "Tell me how you're about to change." Jai dares them to try their played-out lines on her now that she appears to be fed-up with their version of "love".

You find yourself singing along and feeling empowered, thinking about your own trials and tribulations in rocky relationships as you deep dive into Jai’s newest single. Her soulful voice adds to the overall powerful feeling of the song. “Breaking News: More Promises. New and improved, well I’ve heard all of your shit.” Jai sings about her lover and details how this isn’t the first mishaps that they’ve had her deal with. The “heard it all before” phase has been reached in this relationship and Jai is establishing boundaries and letting them know that they’ll be leaving if they don’t get their act together. “Suck it up and say it to my face”, Jai has some advice for her lover as she navigates through her thought process surrounding this situation. She continues “I want all the tears streaming down your pretty face, telling me I’m someone that you can’t replace.” Her lover has the full blueprint for what to do to win her affections once again, but, ultimately, will it be enough? We don’t exactly get an answer to that question as the song ends with Jai still coaching them on not only learning to grovel, but, how, exactly, to do so. However, they do, seemingly, have all the tools for success. Based upon Jai’s stance throughout the song, however, in the end it’s completely up to her whether she chooses to forgive them or not and it's not looking too good for them.

April Jai is a Scotland-born singer/songwriter currently living in London. Jai has cited artists such as Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo as her influences, that is shown through her music that easily grips the listener and makes them pay attention not only to her voice, but also to the lyrics. As mentioned earlier, Jai has seen substantial success with her single “Morally Grey”, with the song going viral mainly in a community on Tik Tok referred to as “BookTok” which focuses heavily on fictional characters in books and how the audience relates to them and sees the world based on their influence. Jai’s over 300,000 monthly Spotify listeners are continuing to boost the song’s popularity as well. She also has over 39,000 followers on Tik Tok, 1,400 subscribers on her YouTube, 29,000 followers on Instagram, and 972 followers on Facebook with her quirky bio of proclaiming her music to be “depression with a hint of badass” on each. To hear more of Jai’s music and follow her journey, follow all of her socials below.

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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