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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Guilty Pleasure" - Super Femmes

“Guilty Pleasure” is a blindingly pop jam about secret and forbidden love. Filled with glitz, glamour, and more, “Guilty Pleasure” is the perfect track to dance and move your body to. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, whether that’s chocolate, romance novels, or others, but when you know that your partner is your guilty pleasure, then that just adds to the tension and excitement that the relationship brings to you.

Super Femmes zeros in on that EDM dance sound with harmonized vocals, shimmering soundscapes, and a catchy and simple melody that stays stuck in your head. Each member of the group has their own moment to shine and accompany each other, and their infectious energy during this song only encourages the audience to stand up and dance even more. This song brings back the nostalgia of 2010s pop, with the booming bass and almost retro-like vibes.

Super Femmes is a new Swedish girl band that’s determined to push glamourous yet edgy pop. This group is a constellation of 90s pop icons like Emilia, Miio, Dede Lopez, and Therese Dromhus. Each of the members is a powerhouse in her own right, but combined, this super group is full of different styles that challenge and push each other to combine a whole variety of different sounds. Though “Guilty Pleasure” is only the second single this group has released, they’re gearing up to release interesting and endlessly catchy songs in the near future.

Written By Megan Cao



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