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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Half of You" - Rob Eberle

Rob Eberle far from disappoints with his latest single, Half of You – an emotionally-charged alt pop ballad that touches on the intricacies of being in a one-sided relationship. Eberle pulls at listeners' heartstrings as he touches on the timeless themes of heartbreak, feelings of personal inadequacy, and unrequited love within his lyrics; carefully crafting a vivid storyline in which the song's protagonist is left emotionally crippled after his romantic interest rebukes his impassioned advances within their relationship. Rob eloquently sings "Half of you is bitter and gone, but half of you is better than none", demonstrating someone fully aware of his partner's flawed nature but yet still unwilling to let them go. Half of You is a beautifully artistic interpretation of how addictive being in a toxic/unhealthy relationship can be – logic says it's time to go, but your heart won't allow you to give up on this person you so deeply care about – a sentiment that surely resonates with a large portion of Rob's audience (me included). There can be felt the selflessness of a hopeless romantic bleeding through Eberle's lyrics: "I'd go too far, I'd break the law, just to make you feel whole" ... "I'd go too far, I'd take the scars, would that finally be enough". Half of You is a beautifully melancholic expression of how it feels to be in an incompatible relationship you are desperately trying to keep alive, despite the emotions and actions put forth going unreciprocated, and is very deserving of a listen from any and all hopeless romantics out there who are fans of good music made by a talented artist on the rise.

Half of You opens intimately with a roomy piano and Rob's solo voice – eventually ramping up in the first chorus with a cascading crash cymbal and more full-sounding piano/vocals combo. The track's second verse adds layers of synth arpeggios and Eberle's backing vocals, which are melodically emphasizing the phrase "gold". This verse also introduces a big acoustic drum sound with unique slapback delay processing, helping to open up the song in contrast to the more intimate first verse. As the song enters its climax towards the end, the production really starts to take charge by brilliantly piecing together live drums, swirling synth leads, bass, piano, acoustic guitar, and layers of Rob's vocals further emphasizing his own words. Half of You comes full circle by tastefully bringing itself to close with simply a piano and Rob's mesmerizing voice.

A native son of Long Island, New York, Rob Eberle is an ultra-talented producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist – proficient in guitar, ukelele, bass, and drums. Rob grew up in a musical family and discovered a lifelong passion for creating music after being given his first left-handed guitar at age 8; eventually feeling inspired enough to begin writing songs at the young age of 12 years old. Eberle's style is self-described as being alternative pop-rock, with artists like Elliot Smith, Billie Eilish, FINNEAS, Olivia Rodrigo, Jeremy Zucker, and Alexander 23 all being major influences of the development of his intoxicating sound. 2023 was a big year for the young pop star – having seen him play at SXSW (South by SouthWest), ACL (Austin City Limits), and his first ever sold-out show in the heart of Manhattan. 2024 looks to be another big year for Rob, as he has recently signed with Earth Program/Virgin Records and has already begun working with Coca-Cola to produce exclusive content. Keep your eyes glued to this ascending talent because all signs point to him taking his career to the next level and being added to a short list of North American male pop stars set to take off.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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