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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Half the Time" - Ben Ellis

Toxic relationships can be summed up perfectly with Ben Ellis’ newest single, “Half the Time.” It’s a struggle when a partner, a friend, even a thing is only in your heart for half the time– there’s always a part of you that doesn’t trust them, but, like a bad habit, you end up back with them in the end. There’s jealousy, paranoia, and that constant need to chase down that old high you had when you first met– that first spark between you. You seem to always be crawling back either way. “Half the Time” is a dedication to that feeling, all-encompassing and entirely wrong but feeling so good.

The instrumentals in “Half the Time” are phenomenally dynamic; while the song may begin tentatively, with quiet strings strumming in the background, the chorus will sneak up on you suddenly, like a tidal wave. It’s big, huge, and sounds amazing with a pair of good headphones; Ellis’ voice hums loudly, and it hits you like a truck when you first listen to it. The song just keeps ramping up in passion and energy as the track continues, eventually culminating in a beautifully poetic ending where Ellis’ voice fades out along with the strings you hear from the beginning of the song. The songwriting from “Half the Time” is equally poetic, elegantly illustrating the constant, toxic need to impress whatever or whoever you’re trying to get back with; Ellis sings, in the chorus, “I wanna have it, wanna have it but it isn’t right.” That desire, mixed with self-awareness, is exactly what “Half the Time” nails in its lyrics– contradictory feelings coupled with an extremely amazing soundscape.

Hailing from Cardiff, Wales, Ben Ellis is a singer-songwriter who can't remember the last time he wasn't singing. In his childhood, Ellis wrote songs and began guitar lessons at age 14. All his music has that personal touch, with songs about love, life, and youth, each accompanied by his energetic and vibrant voice. “not this time” was his debut single, released in 2022, and has garnered over 350,000 plays on Spotify. During the pandemic, Ellis wrote a myriad of songs, as well as collaborating with many other singer-songwriters around the globe via Zoom. "Half the Time" is currently Ellis' most recent release, but stay tuned for any upcoming releases as this is only the beginning for him!

Written By Alexa Leung



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