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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Happy Birthday!" - Stalking Gia

Stalking Gia has released yet another track that highlights her outstanding songwriting and compelling vocals. “Happy Birthday!” is a “very bitter birthday anthem to sing to your favorite toxic situation-ship.” The song consists of sarcastic lyrics “celebrating” the negative person in your life, whether they are a former partner or best friend. Stalking Gia begins the track with the hook, “Happy Birthday, everybody loves you!” before kicking off the first verse, which contains lyrics revealing that she definitely does not agree with “everyone.” After describing her emotional pain, she sings, “Wish I could wish you away,” to further express her heartache, while upholding the birthday theme. Throughout the track, every lyric is saturated in sarcasm and bitterness, enhancing the cheeky storytelling. “Happy Birthday!” is an impressive addition to Stalking Gia’s discography, reminding fans why they fell in love with her from the beginning.

“Happy Birthday” is a versatile track that blends the sounds of alternative pop and soft rock to create a gorgeous song that sticks with listeners. The track begins with a subtle violin sound that is met with Stalking Gia’s heavenly vocals singing the hook. Once this is finished, the first verse begins by transitioning to a steady piano melody. Halfway through the verse, the violin returns, effortlessly guiding the listener through the clever lyrics. When the chorus hits, the production intensifies with the addition of the drums and synth notes. The second verse takes a unique turn, shifting from a piano-led production to a guitar-led production. When the verse ends, the guitar is no longer present and the original production returns. The remainder of the track maintains a high-energy atmosphere, highlighting the detailed storytelling. The song then closes with an outro that reintroduces the simple production found at the beginning, ending the track with the delicate melody. “Happy Birthday!” is an enchanting track that uses cheeky lyrics and a mesmerizing production to captivate the audience.

Stalking Gia is an alt-pop singer-songwriter based in New York City. In 2016, she released her debut single, “Second Nature”, kickstarting her viral fame and gaining her over 13.2 million streams on Spotify for that track alone. In 2017, fellow artist, blackbear, sampled the platinum single on his track, “Wish U The Best”. The two artists would later tour together and collaborate for their track, “Miracles”, which has earned over 4.7 million streams and was added to New Music Friday playlists. Stalking Gia has released several singles, including a few tracks under Epic Records. Since then, she has returned to releasing music independently, marking massive success and continuing to gain a loyal fan base.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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