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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Happy Place" - Chloe Star

Releasing the third in a trilogy of tracks, Chloe Star has delivered a fiery new single called "Happy Place." The song takes us on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, learning to find peace in being alone. Elaborating on the song's narrative, Star states, "I tell a story with these 3 songs — the heartbreak, the awakening, and the release." Moving through a cycle of grief, "Fool" explores the ending of the relationship, "Found My Peace" depicts Star coming to terms with heartbreak, and "Happy Place" shows that it's possible to find comfort in healing. Star continues, "'Happy Place' is about that feeling of relief that you experience when you finally feel comfortable being on your own. That's 'Happy Place.'"

A fresh sound in the pop-punk world, Chloe Star has delivered an edgy, thrilling new anthem with "Happy Place." The track is empowering, owning the freedom that comes with being alone in the boldest way possible. Creating an exhilarating soundscape, "Happy Place" features face-melting guitar riffs, aggressive drums, and rousing melodies. Star's raspy vocals deliver captivating lines, intertwining her impressive lyricism with masterful songwriting. Compelling from start to finish, Star beautifully juxtaposes softer verses with intensely in-your-face choruses that will keep listeners hooked.

Wearing many hats, Chloe Star is a Native American and Persian singer-songwriter, visual artist, and tribal advocate. She split her time between Los Angeles and her family's San Bernardino reservation while growing up, experiencing a chaotic and unstable childhood. Star found solace in journaling and writing poetry, later turning her creations into lyrics after learning to play guitar and piano. After taking time to hone her skills as a musician, Star found and cultivated her unique sound, debuting in 2023 with the single "Element." Though she's just getting started, Star is a promising artist having already garnered support from EUPHORIA, EARMILK, and Unpublished Magazine.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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