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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Harbour" - Aimee Iris

Photo Credits: Phoebe Wrapson Photography and Aurelia Forte Art

When someone is your safe space you can’t let that go. Having a person you know you can always come back to is a blessing. No matter how treacherous the waters get in life, you'll always have your harbour to dock in. Finding that peace in someone else for the first time should be cherished. In her song, Harbour, Aimee Iris, reflects on that feeling of safety. Finally, she feels like a happy ending is possible. That no matter where you go, you know you have your harbour to assure you a safe home.

Harbour is comforting; Cradling the listener into the same sense of security the song describes. Aimee uses her captivating and bright vocals to paint a story of fairytale love. Trust is the first seed that buds the flower of safety in a new relationship. Aimee can finally feel safe in her lover's arms and it is all calm in her eyes. The instrumental beautifully entangles piano chords with strings that subtly sweep through the track. Aimee has a classical feel to her vocals. Her voice is so powerful yet so dainty and feathery that it meshes extremely well with the simplistic instrumental. Together they create a soundscape that is truly irresistible. Harbour is a cozy folk-pop ballad that gives you a glimpse into the warmth that is having a home in a person. Always have a place to come back to after any emotion you face. True love is crooned about in Harbour and it’s oh-so-sweet.

Aimee Iris is a UK-based artist who takes a lot of inspiration from her musical theater background. This is incredibly evident in her work. The way she composes her lyrics embraces the fantastical elements of storytelling. Combine this influence with the musical styling of Sara Bareilles and Ben Platt you're left with beautifully produced acoustic pop. Aimee fills her music with honesty which makes for an impactful listen. Harbour is a tune that will stick with you well after the initial listen. Aimee is only at the beginning of her journey and I can’t wait to see what more is in store.

Written By Kaiana Lee


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