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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Haunted House" - Tanja

"Haunted House" comes as the lead single and titular track of rising pop artist Tanja's debut concept EP, Haunted House. In this track, Tanja uses the descriptive and dark imagery of a haunted house on a hill as a metaphor for the toxic relationships and traumatic experiences of her past. Her vivid, storytelling lyricism transports us away from our current locations and into a confining place of ghosts and bad memories. As Tanja expresses feeling trapped, overcoming adversity, and starting over, we can all see ourselves and the memories we wish to escape within the walls of this haunted house.

In "Haunted House," Tanja shows off her strength in lyricism, as she paints the picture of a haunted house on a hill and narrates her experience escaping from its confinement. She begins the track by addressing the listeners in that she will tell them a tale. She describes the trauma in her past with lines like, "Beaten and bruised / I was put through the hell" and "Will I miss you in the morning / Will I make it on my own." If you have ever been put in a toxic relationship and had to find the strength to escape, then Tanja's vulnerable confessions about trying to move on from them and struggling if it is the right choice through the metaphor of a house that rebuilds itself to haunt her will resonate deeply. Ending on an uplifting note, she moves past the monsters within and escapes.

Born in Napa Valley, Tanja moved across the state to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music. She debuted her first single "Spend the Night" in 2018 and has accumulated a six-track discography since. I am excited to see the future of her musical career. If you also liked "Haunted House," make sure to listen to her debut EP when it releases on October 26th. Haunted House is a dark, alt-pop EP strongly inspired by Kate Bush's Hounds of Love, Stevie Nicks, and gothic literature. You can also keep up with the latest information on Tanja and her music by clicking the links to her social media below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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