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  • Giselle Morales

Review: "Haymaker" - Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance, "Haymaker", Cover Art

Greyson Chance’s latest single, “Haymaker,” centers around the tumultuous relationship between Chance and his brother. The song itself is about a punch, both physical and metaphorical – a reminder that words can hurt just as much as actions. Family is tricky, it’s never easy to walk away from blood, but when a relationship no longer serves you, sometimes it’s necessary. “Haymaker” really dives deep into that difficult sibling dynamic. Though these two once shared interests and similarities, they’re different people now. Yet, no matter how big of a disagreement or how long of a distance, there’s still love there. Chance heartbreakingly captures this narrative as he sings, “It was a gut punch when you said I wasn’t no one // Boy, you hit a home run // I could feel the house shake // Screaming at me til’ your jaw breaks // I know you hate me, but I’ll warn ya // Boy, I’ll always love ya.”

“Haymaker” pays homage to Chance’s Oklahoma roots, while telling a story that hits incredibly close to home for the artist. Its folk, country vibe are a departure from the pop-laden tracks that Chance has become known for, but nonetheless his deep, gravel-filled voice and emotional lyrics could fit into any genre. The song starts off with just guitar and Chance’s voice as his lyrics help set the scene. Moving into the first chorus, the drum kicks in, building up the intensity that matches the heaviness of the story. One thing I’ve come to admire about Chance, is that he’s not an artist that relies on theatrics or overly boisterous beats and productions, his words are enough to draw you in and keep you coming back from more. That is a true artist.

Greyson Chance was only 12-years-old when he skyrocketed to fame. Now at 26, he’s the most raw and vulnerable he’s ever been. Chance, who is a seasoned singer-songwriter and pianist, knows how to navigate metaphors and lyrical narratives like no other. As the kids say nowadays, his pen game is strong. After taking some time to develop his talents away from the spotlight and releasing a string of independent singles, the Oklahoma native re-emerged with his 2019 album Portraits. The album was critically acclaimed and was further supported by a successful world tour. His third album, Palladium, continued to draw in listeners, new and old, who were eager to hear the emotional storyteller do what he does best. Coming off the heels of his introspective single, “Rearview Mirror,” Chance’s latest single packs an even deeper lyrical punch. You can now listen to “Haymaker” on all music streaming platforms.

Written By Giselle Morales



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