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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "he said" - Isla de Luca

Up-and-coming pop singer Isla de Luca just released her latest single, "he said." The track is a cool, house-pop fusion destined to be a club smash. "he said" is emblematic of the musician's talents as an artist. Isla de Luca is a personality-filled performer with a strong taste for earworms. The EDM-inspired production is immaculate. The beats are woozy and hypnotic, equal parts low-key and melodic. Likewise, de Luca's is a performer in every sense of the word. "he said" is a narrative-based track, and de Luca's lyrics (and, more importantly, her delivery of them) are perfect in capturing the world of the song. Isla de Luca provides theatrical vocals while delivering some of the boldest lines imaginable. She is just as good an actor as she is a singer-songwriter. In just her debut single, "he said," proves Isla de Luca to be a musician to watch out for.

What is special about "he said" is that it is not just a club banger (though, to be clear, it definitely is) but also has a deeper meaning. Isla de Luca wants to make narrative-based concept tracks, and "he said" is just the beginning. The track is from the perspective of her "siren" character, adding to the song's dark atmosphere. The story focuses on power dynamics in the music industry. She says in her own words, "It's about the complexities of power, the facade of success, and the personal compromises one faces in the pursuit of fame." Her siren character experiences the manipulation and vapidity of the industry. The track's commentary is a necessary one, and Isla de Luca takes lyrical risks to convey this. I mean, the chorus is literally, "He said if I sing like I f--k / I'm gonna be a superstar." She shows herself to be a fearless songwriter willing to write boldly to get her point across. Isla de Luca has a strong artistic voice--and "he said," proves that. 

"he said" is currently Isla de Luca's only single, but not for long. The track is an introduction to the artist's music to come, and if it's anything like "he said," then it will certainly be worth the wait. Isla de Luca's aesthetic falls in line with that of some of the great house and club-pop musicians. If you are a fan of singers like Charli XCX, Kim Petras, or Madonna, then de Luca will absolutely be your speed. Despite being just her debut, Isla de Luca is already finding success. On Spotify, the singer has nearly 1700 monthly listeners, and "he said" has over 1200 streams. And it's not hard to see why, "he said" is an incredibly strong debut that would make anyone excited to see what de Luca has in store next. "he said" is avaiable to listen to on streaming services now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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