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  • Mia Mangione

Review: "Healer" - Lissy Taylor

Life is unexpected; one minute you’re in control and then BOOM, you need help. In these moments, it’s everyone's hope there would be someone to call, someone to count on, someone to be “by your side”. Lissy Taylor wrote the song, “healer” as a tribute to these astounding human beings who always show unconditional love. This ineffable song represents power and vulnerability which is perfectly conveyed through the raw emotion of Taylor's piercing and distinct, rockstar vocals. Taylor surrenders herself and takes us on a magical journey that's sure to make you think about the bigger picture in life.

UK singer Lissy Taylor tells a compelling story of the people you can trust in the world.

The track starts out with lyrics, “you know I'll do anything, leave it all behind, I’ll drop everything if you needed me anytime” Most songs nowadays tell a story about romantic love, but this song dives into the profound concept of unconditional love; the type of intimacy that only comes from a select few. The track itself starts with a rigid guitar and drum, symbolizing strength through hardships, and crescendos into a celebration of those who help in times of need. Her high vibrato reminds me a lot of bohemian, soul singer Tash Sultana which works perfectly with the instrumental. Her melodic style and feracious energy make this track one to remember.

Originally from the UK, Lissy Taylor moved to the United States to hone her songwriting skills. She moved back to the UK in 2017 where she studied in Manchester. 2020 was an eventful year for Taylor as she graduated from the British and Irish Modern Music Institute with a degree in Songwriting in released her debut EP, “Wildflowers”. Taylor completed her first UK headline tour soon after along with the release of her second EP, “Undercurrent” in 2021. “Healer” is one of four singles planned to release this year.

Written By: Mia Mangione



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