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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Healing" - Joe Bygraves

In Joe Bygraves' latest release, “Healing,” he has given us a gut-wrenching ballad about trying to move on from a person you loved so deeply. The song makes it clear how difficult and slow the process can be, and tiny steps have to be taken. Bygraves paints the sorrow of heartbreak in a very clear way and how moving on is easier said than done. There are a lot of raw emotions here about how haunted one can be by a past relationship and how this only slows down the healing process. The ballad itself is quite beautiful, Bygraves’ voice can really fill a room and be made to sing a song of this level of emotional transparency.

The structure of the song is a simple ballad, with powerful vocals over a gentle piano, however, as the song progresses it does build up on itself. As previously mentioned, the lyrical content is very transparent about the difficulties of moving on. What’s really nice about the lyrics is there is an emphasis on how slow this process can be and how needs to be taken “step by step.” You can surely hear the pain in Bygraves’ voice, and it makes the song feel much more genuine. The bridge does a great job of putting everything at a standstill and giving listeners time to reflect on the story being presented. Joe Bygraves truly has done an excellent job with “Healing” as it both evokes the pain of past experiences and yet still serves as a reminder that moving on is a process that needs to be taken at one’s own pace.

Joe Bygraves is an artist from Bedfordshire, UK who has become a rising star in his local music scene. He is inspired by artists like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Tom Grennan. In 2020, Bygraves was asked to write and perform an anthem for the We Make Events Movement that represents individuals in the entertainment industry. He has done well for himself, in 2022 he sold out his first headline show at the Craufurd Arms. He has more shows lined up this year including the Bedford River Festival. With “Healing” Joe Bygraves has given us a great insight into the talent he possesses and will be surely exciting to see what he does next, so go ahead and give him a listen.

Written By Chantal Charles


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