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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Heartbeat Wipers" - Lucy Wroe

On "Heartbeat Wipers," singer-songwriter Lucy Wroe gets introspective. Life post-breakup can be difficult; the emotions that come with it are complex-- often contradictory--emotions that force you to reflect on who you are. It is a ubiquitous, deeply personal experience that Wroe explores in her latest release. "Heartbeat Wipers," is a bedroom pop-inspired ballad that is gently melancholy. With its piano-and-guitar-heavy instrumental and ethereal vocal harmonies, the track is a smooth, soft listen. It is a dreamy head-in-the-clouds experience, sonically, that grounds you with Wroe's heartbreakingly earnest and relatable lyrics. In this latest single, Lucy Wroe creates a track that blends poetic lyricism and gorgeous instrumentation, showcasing what makes her such a compelling and exciting up-and-coming artist.

The songwriting process for "Heartbeat Wipers" is a unique one. Collaborating with Philipp Koerver, Wroe combines voice notes, vocals recorded in her bedroom, and sounds from various late-night landscapes to create an ingeniously produced pop track. Every element, from the soothing, opening rain sounds to the heavenly vocal deliveries from Wroe, adds to its grand, enchanting sound. However, what shines the most here is the songwriting. Wroe writes about heartbreak in such a raw, emotionally resonant way. Lines like "Pull the knife that's set in stone / Break through the fold / And bury all the pieces here / to stop them from getting old" are as poetic as they are relatable. "Heartbeat Wipers" is the best kind of breakup song; it's forthcoming and sad yet comforting to listeners who are going through the same scenario.

Lucy Wroe is a London-based artist. She made her official debut with the acoustic ballad "There Is an Ocean" in 2020 and has only grown from there. Since then Wroe has released numerous more singles and a few projects, including the EPs Same World in 2022 and WAVES a year later. This has resulted in Wroe having over 5000 streams and growing on Spotify. The singer-songwriter has cited the ballads of Phoebe Bridgers to the experimental pop of Charli XCX as sources of musical inspiration. This range of inspirations showcases what makes Wroe so interesting as an artist; she has a unique ability to blend various soundscapes and aesthetics in a way to make something all of her own, but still accessible. After  "Heartbeat Wipers", Wroe's next output is bound to be exciting and you can listen to it, as well as the rest of her discography on streaming services now.

Written By Lauren Nolan



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