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  • Madison Spies

Review: "Hearts Get Broken" - Thomas Day

Thomas Day Hearts Get Broken Cover Art

Thomas Day once again proves his ability to relate to an audience through his newest song, “Hearts Get Broken”. Led by his powerful vocals, Day analyzes the complication of young love and pain is inflicted in those situations. The important question asked in the phrase of, “Why’s it gotta mean that our hearts get broken?” simply, but collectively, details that although love can be heavy & complicated, it doesn’t mean that people don’t always have to walk away from difficult situations. Not only is the universal experience of aging and figuring yourself out over time discussed by Day in “Hearts Get Broken”, but he additionally shares insight into being in love and wanting to communicate to save a connection. These are human situations and responses that require delicacy and attention – qualities that Day has embedded into this track and his music overall. Day has a way of hooking you from the beginning with his light but powerful voice, flowing seemingly naturally from him. Just when you believe that the song could be a cute-like, typical pop scenario, the insightful nature of his lyrics and well-composed instruments flow along with his voice. Not only is Day’s music a treat to listen to, but it showcases many branches of music and the growing & evolving pop industry today.

While Day’s music continues to explore new areas of music and introduce new sound, his continuation of similar but not repeating themes is refreshing. Love is a subject easily and widely used throughout any genre, as it is a large concept and cannot be contained and/or defined, but the way that Day writes about it adds tenderness and care to the subject that deserves recognition. In “Hearts Get Broken”, Day speaks from the perspective of a person fighting for a relationship while understanding how difficult it is to navigate the complexities of growing up and figuring out what you want. “I know that we’re young and chasin’ moments,” is a line that is simple, yet demonstrates true resonation and understanding, which I find rare in love songs that involve a struggle. In the bridge following this line, there is a line where Day cries out, “Why does “I love you” feel like you’re lyin?” that spoke to me. This line shows detail and specificity, letting listeners in more on intricate aspects to this relationship, not only showing talented songwriting but more from the other end of fighting for a relationship. While Day clearly cares for this person and doesn’t want to give up hope for this connection, he is confused and isn’t afraid to express his emotions or point out what’s happening right in front of him. It shows the little details that people can resonate with when they’ve experienced a bond slowly being let go from one side – or both. “Hearts Get Broken” serves a multitude of purposes – one being a testament to love and the struggles of being young, and another being a well-crafted example of how to reach people through talent and knowledge of pop music.

Thomas Day is a fresh, invigorating pop artist who has been chasing his dreams since childhood. Day began to write songs in the fifth grade, which has propelled him forward to his current status in the music industry. His level of experience has translated into his songwriting abilities, showing mature and multi-layered perspectives. Since performing on America’s Got Talent in 2020, Day has amassed an impressive TikTok following of close to 7 million. By 2021, he decided to turn down major offers to play football and instead fully pursue music. In July, Day, a Nashville resident, became Sony Music Nashville’s first pop artist signed to the label. Since then, he has been the opening act on musician Joshua Bassett’s 2024 tour “The Golden Years”, as well as performed at the Love Letters festival in Salt Lake City, Utah alongside artists like Joji, Lauv, Suki Waterhouse, etc.

Written By Madison Spies



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