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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Here Comes the Rain" - Tally Spear

Being haunted by your anxiety about the choices you’ve made is inescapable, and often it torments you for so long. Tally Spear’s new single “Here Comes the Rain” is an incredible representation of how difficult life can get when these fears take over and how they can get in the way of your accomplishments. The alt-rock fully takes over your emotions as you listen as Spear has created an anthem for those who are overcome with turmoil. The artistic choices “Here Comes the Rain” evoke the exact images one only sees in their head when they are in a similar state that Spear is in this song. “Here Comes the Rain” is a true enjoyment to consume and a great way to introduce yourself to Tally Spear’s artistry.

The instant appeal of this song comes from the instrumentals. The opening riff is an earworm, and it has that classic pop-punk tone that fans of the genre always love to hear. The vocal effect used in the first verse adds that nostalgic tone to the song and it is a great way to open the track. What’s nice about the pre-chorus is the way it paints Spear’s emotional turbulence, as it builds up in energy. What really helps sell this narrative is Tally Spear’s vocal performance as it’s so diverse throughout the song and shows off Spear’s abilities. The way the chorus explodes amps up the energy one feels when listening to this song and motivates you to sing along. The combination of elements and styles we hear on this track make it an instant classic and truly does excite you. “Here Comes the Rain” is worth the listen and makes you feel good about what Tally Spear can do.

Tally Spear is an artist based in London, who has been writing since she was a young girl. Besides music, she’s very passionate about animal activism and is very set on living a cruelty-free lifestyle. She has been credited for her talents in different publications such as BBC Radio1, Kerrang! and more. She has done very well, including selling out a headline show at the Paper Dress Vintage in London. She has also gotten the opportunity to write with well-known producers such as Mark Jackson and Ian Scott in Los Angeles. Tally Speat is certainly an interesting artist to come across as there is a lot about her music to like and it makes you want to discover more and more about what she is capable of.

Written By Chantal Charles


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