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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "High Then Low (Ched & Magnemyr Remix)" - JHN and Heberlein

JHN and Heberlein’s November 2021 single received a creative facelift from EDM producers, Ched and Magnemyr. “High Then Low (Ched & Magnemyr Remix)” keeps the same incredible vocals of Heberlein and the catchy melodies of JHN. However, they add their own spin to the song creating the ultimate EDM remix. The song tells the story of a rocky relationship that resembles a rollercoaster. One minute, they are happy and in love and the next they are unsure what their partner is feeling. They want to be together, but are stuck in a never-ending cycle. They know that the relationship will inevitably end but they continue to ride this rollercoaster until the bitter end. They do not want to be without one another, but they understand this destructive relationship cannot continue forever. The lyrics perfectly capture the feelings of heartbreak and grief that factor into the tragic ending of a love affair.

JHN and Heberlein brought in Ched and Magnemyr to spruce up their 2021 single. The new beats and electronic melodies make for an incredible break-up song. The production sticks in the listener’s head and stands out amongst other songs. Heberlein’s angelic voice flows flawlessly with the melodies her and JHN initially brought to the song, as well as the new additions brought into this version. The team of artists on this song work well together to create a song that sounds brand new, while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the original. The EDM production feels so authentic to the genre that EDM legends would be thoroughly impressed with the song. “High Then Low (Ched & Magnemyr Remix)” is an incredible pop song that proves the talent of every artist involved.

JHN, Heberlein, and Ched are Swedish artists all signed under the same label, Ninetone Group. “High Then Low” is not the first collaboration between JHN and Heberlein. In June 2021, they released a single together titled “Think About Us”. This was Heberlein’s first single. She then released her debut solo single shortly after. Heberlein has already released an EP in 2022 and is set to release a second one later this year. JHN has a prolific career as an electronic-pop artist, having a mixture of solo singles as well as collaborations with other artists. He debuted in 2019 and has been releasing hits ever since. Ched is an EDM producer and songwriter. He began his career in 2018 and has been collaborating with several artists to create fun, uplifting songs. His debut album was released in 2021. This album is filled with collaborations that showcase his talent and range. Magnemyr is a popular Swedish social media influencer with a massive following on Instagram and YouTube. Despite having only released a few original singles, he has already gained recognition in the EDM scene. He takes inspiration from artists such as Zedd, Grey, and many more.

Written By Karlee Smith






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