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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Hold Me" - J8KE

“Hold Me,” by J8KE, is an emotional song that perfectly encapsulates that longing for and that search for love and intimacy. Everyone can relate to that feeling of wanting to be loved, and the fear that you’ll never find a person who you feel is the other half of you. The journey to find that person can be long and frustrating, and it’s filled with doubt and indecision, even though, as the song goes, you just want to say “I’m begging you, please hold me.” Claiming this as his most impassioned song yet, J8KE explains how this song is all about that wait and that desperation, but also how love can be right around the corner and you don’t even realize it yet.

“Hold Me” is a genre-mixing song that dips into multiple sonic fields and comes out with the best of all of them. With vibrant pulsing energy, this song pulls you in and has you nodding your head to the beat as you take in the passionate and emotional lyrics. Starting off with the sound of a door creaking closed, you’re intrigued immediately, and then hooked when the strumming guitar starts to lead into the first verse. J8KE’s voice pairs perfectly with the rolling rhythm of the song, sliding right into the driving chorus. This pattern repeats for the second verse into the second chorus before sweeping into the bridge with heavy guitar and enthralling melody. “Hold Me” closes out with another visit to the chorus, creating a dynamic track that perfectly balances the vibe of the music with the message this song is sending our way.

J8KE is a 24 year old pop singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada, who has been cultivating his love for music ever since he was a kid and he stumbled across learning chords with his aunt. He makes music both alone and with his former band, Cardinal Chase, and has toured worldwide, playing at countless colleges, house parties, conferences, festivals, and clubs. His unique mix of off-beat reggae, laid-back acoustic roots, and pop, along with his skill with guitar, drums, bass, and keys, has enthralled audiences and made him a sensation across all of North America. He’s currently working on his newest mixtape, recently returning from Los Angeles where he worked with members of the band Magic!, as well as the Grammy Award winning producer Brian West, who’s worked with artists such as Nelly Furtado and Maroon 5. Use the links below to follow him and see what he releases next!

Written By Morgan Fischer



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