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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "Hold Me Like a High" - Maddie Ettrich

Written to reminisce about the late summer, Madddie Ettruch’s new song “Hold Me Like a High '' brings together melodies about love. Specifically an out of blue type of life that makes one take a step back and reminisce about how lucky life can be sometimes.

Beginning with an upbeat pop background, the song starts with an upbeat sound that is very reminiscent of a disco type song at first. As the lyrics start however this is released by a strong beat and rhythmic lyrics that bring the song together. For the melody the rhythm changes some, with a different rhythm making it seem to be higher tempo. This serves as a build up for a small drop after the chorus that is highly reminiscent of edm music. This repeats again after the next chorus, bringing in an upbeat and happy feeling to the song. This song in its entirety brings together a happy feeling that makes the listeners want to be dance.

Maddie's second single “Hold Me Like a High '' is proof of her solidifying her space within the music industry as a new and upcoming artist. Based out of Nashville, TN but being born in Canada, this indie-pop singer and songwriter released her first song in July this year. “Hold Me Like a High'' is the second song in a series that is to be released named ``Before the Party Gets Crashed''. If “Hold Me like a High” is any indicator this series is sure to be a hit.

Written By Gillian Mena



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