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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "HOLD PLEASE" - Ella Collier

Ella Collier inspires self-confidence and personal growth in her latest single, “HOLD PLEASE.” The insightful track details fighting for what you want and not letting anyone get in your way. Collier wrote this track from a vital moment of realization that people in her past were emotional vultures that preyed on her kindness and good nature for their own selfish gain. The candid lyrics explore her letting go of those that weighed her down and focusing on what is best for her. In the verses, she illustrates this with lyrics such as, “I’d rather keep my hood up, walk the world alone// And make it on my own// Than you claim that you’re the reason that I got where I’m going” and “Why should I listen to someone without a vision// Who has no backbone and isn’t here for me at all// Yeah, they just praying and waiting on the downfall.” These toxic people that she used to surround herself with never truly supported her or thought she would make it in the industry. They hoped for her failure but stuck around just in case she did make it, so they could take credit for her accomplishments. However, in letting them go, she represents her strength and ability to make it on her own. The chorus has Collier singing directly to those who held her back, telling them she no longer needs them, nor does she have time for them. She tells them, “Wait, you got in my way// Think I finally got it figured out// You can take a seat// Hold please, I’m busy.” With these lyrics, she reclaims her power and does not allow others to dictate her life anymore. “HOLD PLEASE” is an empowering track that highlights Collier’s personal strength and encourages listeners to take control of their own lives.

“HOLD PLEASE” consists of a dynamic production that emphasizes the empowering lyrics and Collier’s compelling vocals. The song kicks off immediately with the verse, consisting of only the lead vocals and an ethereal piano. The production remains this way until the second half of the verse, where additional vocals and synth notes are added to the background to further enhance the track. When the chorus hits, the production takes a sudden turn into a synth heavy, electrifying soundscape. A muted bass and powerful beats replace the piano to create an angsty vibe. In the middle of the chorus, a strong beat drop brings a pause in the lyrics to focus on the heavily distorted bass, before Collier’s captivating vocals sing over this new production. When the second verse begins, the synth instrumentation continues with the distortion muted. The song slowly builds with additional synth sound effects before erupting back into the energizing final chorus. Collier passionately sings the empowering lyrics, showcasing her impeccable range and the strong emotions behind each word. The distortion becomes more intense, further enhancing the fiery atmosphere. “HOLD PLEASE” is a flawless dark-pop track that utilizes a fierce production to highlight Collier’s unmistakable singing and songwriting talent.

Ella Collier is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, now based in Los Angeles. Her music blends the sounds of Pop, EDM, R&B, and Hyperpop. She thrives to make relatable music that encapsulates “the human experience of love and loss.” With her vulnerable lyrics, her music makes listeners feel less alone. In 2019, she made her official debut with her single, “Talk.” The following two years she released four additional singles, all of which were featured on her debut EP, MOOD SWINGS. “HOLD PLEASE” is the second single off of Collier’s upcoming sophomore EP. Two more singles are set for release, so check out her social media to follow along for updates!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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